Easter Weekend 2022 Washington Has Fallen Minecraft Beta Release

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New Public Beta Version H-4-15-22

Hey it's Easter Weekend, so we made sure to release a new public beta for the Washington Has Fallen Minecraft Adventure for Bedrock platforms.

Version H-4-15-22 fixes hundreds of bugs that were found in the Wuhan China Virus Mission. (We call it Wahoo in Minecraft, because otherwise progressive politicians and social media will whine and for some reason attempt to protect Dr. Fauci's government funded experiments in Wuhan China. Let's call it what it really is)
Get the updated version from our downloads page.

Washington Has Fallen - Wuhan China Virus Mission (But we call it Wahoo)
  • This beta release introduces tons of new code for the Wahoo Mission.
  • We spend an enormous amount of time hunting down some really tricky bugs and recoded them.
  • One bug we couldn't figure out despite hundreds of hours, days and weeks of investigation, so we built around the bug, added in new code and created a new experience as a result. To be honest the bug actually ended up making that part of the mission more fun, have a better flow, and worked out really well.
  • We had to rethink a few parts of the mission that we didn't consider when originally building the massive Wahoo Mission world.
  • We tested the mission from beginning to end and everything seems to be working correctly now. There may be moments in this particular mission that it seems things kind of stand still or make the adventurer think a bug has occurred, but those are built in intentionally as part of the mission.
  • This particular mission is that it is a massive puzzle that keeps changing while it's being played. If you have ever played the adventure game called Zork, you'll have a better understanding of what we did.
Washington Has Fallen - Wuhan China Virus Mission (But we call it Wahoo)

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