Washington Has Fallen Adventure Downloads

Washington Has Fallen Downloads

Washington Has Fallen - Coding and Redstone

Beta Testing Tips: 

  1. Currently please report any bugs or problems to our Twitter @RGAPCreative
  2. Provide details of how many people were playing, the location number the bug occurred, what were you doing when the bug occurred, what happened.
  3. Beta Testers who can video capture the game play and provide a link where we can view the video showing a bug occurring visually is super helpful, since it provides significant insight to the code we need to adjust or re-code. 
  4. Check the Reported Bugs and Announcements List for known bugs and their status.

Beta Test Downloads:

Beginning 5-15-2022 anyone interested in downloading the most recent Public Beta's of Washington Has Fallen, will need to follow @RGAPCreative on Twitter and DM us for the current download link.  We are doing this to help reduce non-contributing downloads and hopefully increase feedback to help us find any bugs we missed. Thank you for understanding.

All files are currently only available from Drop Box

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