Washington Has Fallen

Washington Has Fallen - Public Beta

Washington Has Fallen is a Minecraft Parody Adventure for Bedrock and PE versions of Minecraft, built upon LifeBoat's Washington DC World in the official Minecraft Marketplace. It is an entirely re-coded world, with new lands and features. 

The story is built-upon the presidency of Donald Trump.  President Trump has been taken hostage by radicals, your ultimate goal is to save President Trump and restore him to the White House. 

Development of the project began in 2019 and is ongoing.

The project was in various stages of beta testing since August 2020. Though fully playable, the world currently has a number of bugs that are still being fixed before final full release. There is no timeline for completion. Beta testing is slow moving since other projects currently take precedence.

As of January 2023, we are in the final beta testing before a public release of the completed game.

New features have been added to the game in 2022, including:

  • NPC: Elon Musk - Twitter Files Release
  • NPC: Hunter Biden - Return the Laptop
  • NPC: Kyle Rittenhouse - Friend in the Dark Lair
These and additional features were added based on feedback received by RGAP Creative community members and the public on Twitter.

Washington Has Fallen - The right Minecraft Adventure for Bedrock.

Please report any problems to: 

Currently please report any problems to our Twitter @RGAPCreative

View previously reported bugs and their current status


12/27/2022 Washington Has Fallen is expected to be released in it's completed version sometime in 2023 after some additional beta-testing by team 2.  It is currently compatible and tested with Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.51

Washington Has Fallen is currently in the final stages of Beta Testing. The project has been being developed since Minecraft Bedrock 1.14.5. and is current as of 1.18.12

Washington Has Fallen is not directly associated with, sanctioned or approved by Life Boat, though it was built over the Washington DC template which is available in the Minecraft store. 

Other than the original infrastructure in the Washington DC template, all original Washington DC coding has been removed except for coding required for the Behavior Pack and Resource Pack to function. 

Because this was our first attempt at coding a Minecraft adventure, we chose an already available template for the infrastructure, freeing us up to focus on coding and developing new infrastructure that doesn't exist in the LifeBoat Washington DC World Template.

Washington Has Fallen is playable on your own personal device under Minecraft Bedrock and PE versions and can be uploaded to your own official Minecraft Realm, but is not playable on your own server or a non-official Minecraft server.  


Washington Has Fallen has been tested on Windows 10 Bedrock, Android Samsung Smart Phone and an Amazon Kindle Fire by the original closed beta testing team.

WHF was built over LifeBoat's Washington DC world template available on the Minecraft Store and utilizes the Washington DC Behavior Pack and Washington DC Resource Pack.  For several years, the Washington DC template was available from LifeBoat for free as part of Minecraft's Educational Series.  Currently as of 2022, the Washington DC template is a paid world template.

Washington Has Fallen is playable on you're own personal device and can be uploaded to your own official Minecraft Realm, but is not playable on your own server or a non-official Minecraft server.  

Beta Testing Tips: 

  1. Currently please report any bugs or problems to our Twitter @RGAPCreative
  2. Provide details of how many people were playing, the location number the bug occurred, what were you doing when the bug occurred, what happened.
  3. Beta Testers who can video capture the game play and provide a link where we can view the video showing a bug occurring visually is super helpful, since it provides significant insight to the code we need to adjust or re-code. 
  4. Check the Reported Bugs and Announcements List for known bugs and their status.

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