Washington Has Fallen Credits

Development Credits

Someone tell those liberal rioters to go home - Washington Has Fallen

Washington DC Minecraft World:

* LifeBoat is not directly associated with RGAP Creative or Washington Has Fallen, and is the creator and copyright holder of the Minecraft World that the Washington Has Fallen Template Overlay was built upon.  LifeBoat's Washington DC world is available in the Minecraft Store and is required.

Washington Has Fallen Template Overlay:

Washington Has Fallen Redstone Design, Project Coding, Story Plot, Writer, Original Graphics by SkyThrusters483 

Closed Beta Testing Credits 2023- Team:

  • Project Lead:  SkyThrusters483
  • Lead Beta Tester: 
  • Tester 1: DUNEIMP
  • Tester 2:

Closed Beta Testing Credits 2019-2020 Team:

RGAP Creative is greatly appreciative to our Closed Session Beta Testers who helped spot some of the early bugs, exposed some of the broken areas in the first 10 missions, and helped keep the motivation flowing as the work on this adventure stretched from a few months into a few years. They have been forever memorialized within the game on buildings and as NPC's who randomly appear in different missions. 

Thank you for your time, excitement and feedback!

They found unintended deep pits to fall into, broke things that were not supposed to be breakable and exposed weird coding bugs that no one else would have found.

Thank you for your help!

  • Project Lead:  SkyThrusters483
  • Beta Team Manager:  BlestHeart18402
  • Beta Tester:  DestinedReeko
  • Beta Tester:  WildAceJones 
  • Beta Tester:  CaptainRex0764

Only in America, do the Police needed Defended - Washington Has Fallen

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