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Washington DC is a Minecraft Store template owned by LifeBoat. LifeBoat retains all copyrights to their template. The required Washington DC world, resource pack and behavior pack can be purchased from LifeBoat within the Minecraft Marketplace.  LifeBoat is not associated with RGAP Creative nor the Washington Has Fallen (currently named) Minecraft adventure.

The Washington Has Fallen Adventure references new coding and new infrastructure created by RGAP Creative and is released under Creative Commons License - Non-Commercial Use - Share Alike.  [ A Creative Commons Noncommercial license is a Creative Commons license which a copyright holder can apply to their media to give public permission for anyone to reuse that media only for noncommercial activities - Share-A-Like indicates that if you adapt, reuse, share a derivative or modified project containing the "Washington Has Fallen coding and Infrastructure" you can only relicense it under the same Creative Commons Non-Commercial License giving Attribution (aka credit) to RGAP Creative and you can only release any branches under the same Share-A-Like license]  BASIC LICENSE TEXT HERE

Additional License Notes: 

Because LifeBoat is the owner of the copyright template Washington DC, that Washington Has Fallen is built-upon, any adaptations must also give attribution to LifeBoat as the copyright holder of the original Washington DC template/world which is required to actually play the Washington Has Fallen adaptation.  

RGAP Creative does not represent the interests of LifeBoat, is not able to grant any license permissions held by LifeBoat, and has no financial interests or other interests in the Washington DC world template.  

Any use, downloads from the Minecraft Marketplace benefit LifeBoat.  RGAP Creative's "Washington Has Fallen" is a non-commercial overlay being developed independently.

You agree to the terms of the Creative Commons License Terms under which the new coding and infrastructure is being released.

We reserve the right to charge a commercial license fee to any person or entity who is unable to, refuses to, or uses the coding and design work of RGAP Creative without providing or abiding to the Non-Commercial Creative Common's license.  We own all of our work, just like Life Boat owns their template and mod packages which are required to utilize our overlay adaptation.

How to Attribute For Use of Washington Has Fallen Command Code Constructions and Datasets, Graphic Designs, Redstone Machines, Plot and Story - Use the following format - must also be indicated within the game somewhere visible to players:

Creative Commons License
Washington Has Fallen by RGAPCreative - RDG is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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Everything costs more when Liberals are in charge - especially gasoline! - Washington Has Fallen

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