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INVERSE is a Minecraft Dungeon Adventure for Bedrock and PE versions of Minecraft, built entirely from the ground up with original infrastructure, coding, lands and features. 

The story is currently in development and being built-upon the concept of a 1980's text based adventure games.  There were plenty of the early adventure games, but the granddaddy of all adventures was the original version of Zork.

Development of the project began in 2023 and is ongoing.

The project is currently in it's earliest stage of development.  Unlike our public project adventure, Washington Has Fallen which was built as an overlay to Life Boat's Washington DC template, INVERSE will be 100% original with the hope to be able to possibly release it on the Minecraft Marketplace. 

There is no timeline for completion for INVERSE. It took three years to build and code Washington Has Fallen which used a template world, so it's possible that INVERSE could take as long or longer.  More likely, INVERSE will take less time, because it doesn't need to be as expansive as Washington Has Fallen.

The first bricks for INVERSE were laid down on January 5, 2023 with only three hours of work put in.  Here are two screen shot photos of the first work.

This is the first building being built in INVERSE. Lots more work to do.

This is an underground entry within the building.
Similar to ZORK, much of INVERSE will occur underground.

We'll post future updates and photos as we work on it.


Working on #Minecraftbuilds and #Minecraft maps for an Adventure Game isn't always exciting or fun, sometimes it's pretty boring, like raising and lowering grass and dirt manually, prepping it for the next thing.

But it beats working at Burger King anyday!
(Working on #INVERSE Minecraft Adventure Game from RGAP Creative)

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