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In 2017 RGAP Creative began developing its first Minecraft Adventure called "Washington Has Fallen" built as an overlay to Life Boat's Washington DC world available on the Minecraft Store. It was our first time coding a project so we wanted to focus our creative energy on coding and decided to use Life Boat's Washington DC world which was available for free from Minecraft educational offerings.  Washington DC has an amazing infrastructure and layout and was a perfect template for this project.

We started off by gutting and removing 98% of Life Boat's hidden codes for their education world, and we built a massive amount of new code for the Washington Has Fallen Adventure. In fact, we have added at least 300% more code than Life Boat needs for its Washington DC.   Additionally we developed several new world areas that do not exist in the original Washington DC by Life Boat, including Wahoo China (aka Wuhan in reality), an extensive mission built into the Nether, and a mission encompassing one of the Indigenous Tribes native to the Washington DC area.

For convenience and lack of skill developing Resource Packs and Behavior Packs, we retained these Life Boat requirements that allow vehicles, custom skins, characters and food vending machines to occur.

To play Washington Has Fallen you will need an official download of Life Boat's Washington DC from the Minecraft Marketplace in Bedrock and PE versions, otherwise Washington Has Fallen will not work as intended.  Mainly you are obtaining the Resource Pack and Behavior packs with your purchase from Minecraft, because the original Washington DC map/world is not being used.  We have no financial interest in Life Boat, nor their Washington DC world, so your purchase if you do not already have the world will go to helping Life Boat make more of their amazing worlds for Minecraft.

Washington Has Fallen completed its first beta testing at the end of 2020.  In 2022 we opened it for public beta testing to help find areas that were malfunctioning, breaking, need fixed.

Unfortunately, we were able to interest any players in the public to help beta test, so we stopped unloading the public beta releases and took beta testing 100% in house. During this time, all of the missions were tested, the majority underwent massive re-coding to make the game run smoother, additional connecting mini-missions were designed and some missions were completely redesigned.

At the beginning of 2023, RGAP Creative will begin a full beta test play through of the newly redesigned game, those videos will be released on our beta team YouTube channel

Any bugs found will be fixed, and then a second larger team of 4 to 5 players will test the game for additional bugs that are specific to multiple player play-through.

Closed Beta Testing Credits: 2023

In 2023 a new team will help conduct testing of our 2022 update.

Closed Beta Testing Credits: 2019-2020

RGAP Creative is greatly appreciative to our Closed Session Beta Testers who helped spot some of the early bugs, exposed some of the broken areas in the first 10 missions, and helped keep the motivation flowing as the work on this adventure stretched from a few months into a few years.  They have been forever memorialized within the game on buildings and as NPC's who randomly appear in different missions.  Thank you for your time, excitement and feedback!

They found unintended deep pits to fall into, broke things that were not supposed to be breakable and exposed weird coding bugs that no one else would have found.

Thank you for your help!

Clips From Our Closed First Beta Test

Thanks for reading all the way down here!

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