RGAP Creative was founded by Randy Dreammaker in 1992 and represents various kinds of projects including Minecraft Bedrock Adventures, Film Productions, Original Music, Google Earth Photography, and other original creations.

In 2018 RGAP Creative shifted its focus onto developing the first Right Minecraft Adventure called "Washington Has Fallen" built as an overlay to Life Boat's Washington DC world available on the Minecraft Store. It was our first time coding a project, first time trying to create a Minecraft adventure and we had only been playing and learning Minecraft coding since mid-2017.  So we wanted to focus our creative energy on coding and decided to use Life Boat's Washington DC world which was available for free from Minecraft educational offerings.  Washington DC has an amazing infrastructure and layout and was a perfect template for this project.

We started off by gutting and removing 98% of Life Boat's hidden codes for their education world, and we built a massive amount of new code for the Washington Has Fallen Adventure. In fact, we have added at least 300% more code than Life Boat needs for its Washington DC.   Additionally we developed several new world areas that do not exist in the original Washington DC by Life Boat, including Wahoo China (aka Wuhan in reality), an extensive mission built into the Nether, and a mission encompassing one of the Indigenous Tribes native to the Washington DC area.

For convenience and lack of skill developing Resource Packs and Behavior Packs, we retained these Life Boat requirements that allow vehicles, custom skins, characters and food vending machines to occur.

To play Washington Has Fallen you will have to have a working download of Life Boat's Washington DC from the Minecraft Marketplace in Bedrock and PE versions, otherwise it will not work correctly.  Mainly you are obtaining the Resource Pack and Behavior packs with your purchase from Minecraft, because the original Washington DC map/world is not being used.  We have no financial interest in Life Boat, nor their Washington DC world, so your purchase if you do not already have the world will go to helping Life Boat make more of their amazing worlds for Minecraft.

Washington Has Fallen completed closed beta testing at the end of 2020.  In 2022 we opened it for public beta testing.  We need help finding areas that are malfunctioning, breaking, need fixed.

In hindsight, we know that chances are, at some point in the adventure it is very likely that you may find a bug that transports you to an area where coding for that part of the mission occurs, and well, you will be forever stuck among one of many tunnels and hidden barriers full of command blocks, Redstone machines and other cool looking things until you tell us about it and we can fix the buggy code. Opps!

It's our first attempt at an adventure game, and well, we have learned a lot about Minecraft coding and using Redstone over the past four years, but this is a beta test and things break.

It had been such a massive and ambitious coding objective that by the time we realized something could have been done differently or better, a month or even a year or longer had already passed, making it somewhat restrictive to try to return and change the way the original new coding works.

In 2021 RGAP Creative began working on several other Minecraft Projects, including the Abandoned House Trap tutorial and free world download which does not require Minecraft's Marketplace,

We developed a free world template for those of you who would like to try coding your own world.  We did the hard work of developing the world area and building you a location to code your project. You get to do the work of making it into the kind of city you desire and adding the code you want. It's available for Free too.  Yay!  We like Free!

Another project we are still working on is called the Sand Battle Dome.  It is a new adventure world built from scratch so it doesn't require any purchases from Minecraft Marketplace to play it, other than having your own copy of Minecraft Bedrock or PE.   We'll tell you more about that project later.  We still have a lot of work to do on the Sand Battle Dome, including Alpha Testing it, Closed Beta Testing, Open Public Beta Testing, etc.

Closed Beta Testing Credits:

RGAP Creative is greatly appreciative to our Closed Session Beta Testers who helped spot some of the early bugs, exposed some of the broken areas in the first 10 missions, and helped keep the motivation flowing as the work on this adventure stretched from a few months into a few years.  They have been forever memorialized within the game on buildings and as NPC's who randomly appear in different missions.  Thank you for your time, excitement and feedback!

They found unintended deep pits to fall into, broke things that were not supposed to be breakable and exposed weird coding bugs that no one else would have found.

Thank you for your help!

  • Lead Tester: SkyThrusters483
  • Co-Lead Tester: BlestHeart18402
  • DestinedReeko
  • WildAceJones 
  • CaptainRex0764

Clips From Our Closed First Beta Test

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