3-5-2022 - Washington Has Fallen - Beta Release Notes

Dreammaker University - Mission 2

3-5-2022 Public Beta Release Update Notes

  • Floor 1 - Tested - Works
  • Floor 2 - Missing required items - FIXED
  • Floor 3 - New items added, New code added, Navigation Updated - FIXED
  • Floor 4 -  Add required item - FIXED
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Beta Testing Tips: 

  1. Currently please report any bugs or problems to our Twitter @RGAPCreative
  2. Provide details of how many people were playing, the location number the bug occurred, what were you doing when the bug occurred, what happened.
  3. Beta Testers who can video capture the game play and provide a link where we can view the video showing a bug occurring visually is super helpful, since it provides significant insight to the code we need to adjust or re-code. 

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