Minecraft Worlds Not Downloading

How to fix the Minecraft Marketplace Worlds Not Downloading or Updating Bug.

I'm not sure exactly when it began, but I'm pretty sure my Minecraft World Purchases, Free Worlds and Updates for worlds broke the moment I accepted and installed Mojang's gracious gift on giving all new and current owners of Minecraft Bedrock or Java, a free copy of the one they didn't have.

My first experience with Minecraft was a very Java addition, but when I decided to buy Minecraft, I chose the Bedrock version, because the people I wanted to play with were on the other side of the USA.

So I purchased Bedrock, learned its Redstone coding, and then when we began building Washington Has Fallen, I learned command code language for Minecraft.

But it hasn't always been a prefect relationship, including not being able to download the worlds I purchased from the marketplace and not being able to update worlds that I already own.

So, probably like you, I searched Google and YouTube looking for the answers to how to fix it, and I couldn't find any.  So I turned to Microsoft for a Windows solution and the person giving advice in their forums, had caused a ton of players to erase their worlds and still not fixing the downloads problem.

Finally, as a member of Mojang's Bug Reporting Community, I looked for official answers from Mojang, and there were tons of reports for this bug, all of them redirected back to the original report, and not a single solution.

So I decided to create one, and this is it.

I put it into a video, because its much easier to SHOW you what I am doing, than trying to have you READ what I did.

This solution isn't perfect, but it will get your Minecraft worlds downloading issue repaired.

Before you begin, let me be very clear. You must back up any important Minecraft files or data before you do this, or you will lose it, including your worlds.

In this video, I show you only how to back up your worlds, and then restore them briefly.  I also very briefly mention backing up all of your Minecraft Data without showing you how to do that, though I do show you where to do it.  I recommend backing up your entire Minecraft data and then also backing up your worlds in a separate folder. But the video only shows the worlds.

If you need details for how to be able to access your Minecraft Worlds and files, then you will want to watch my other video about How To Locate Your Minecraft Worlds.  In that video I show you how to force your computer to make the folder access appear.

This video is provided by GameItWorks on YouTube. It has Minecraft Tutorials and Videos about different kinds of topics. (GameItWorks on YouTube)

If you need more help in addition to this "How to locate your worlds folder" video, I also have some trouble shooting steps here on this page of the RGAP Creative website. (HERE) which provides answers to questions people have asked after watching this video.

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