Thank you to the RGAP Creative community on Twitter

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 Thank you Twitter Friends

2022 was a strange year, but also an amazing year for the Washington Has Fallen Minecraft Bedrock Adventure Game

Though we didn't have any takers from the public to help us beta test during 2022, we did have a very tiny, but active community of friends on the RGAP Creative twitter.

Washington Has Fallen Chapel

We appreciate your input, especially in our polls to help use to decide which characters you wanted to encounter within the final version of Washington Has Fallen.

We gave you a lot of suggestions, but you decided, and you wanted Elon Musk, Hunter Biden and Kyle Rittenhouse and a few others, and we think you made a great decision.  We had a lot of fun creating new missions utilizing this new Non-Player Characters into the game, in fact the only reason we're even still working on the game during the last week of 2022, is because some of the new missions we built are so stupidly crazy and fun.

Elon Musk in Washington Has Fallen Minecraft Adventure

In the last few missions of the game, you'll now encounter Kyle Rittenhouse armed with medical assistance and tools you'll need to help survive in the massive war that takes place in the Dark Lair.

Then you'll encounter Elon Musk with his Twitter Files.  Elon will send you into a very, very, very, very bad place where you'll encounter one of the craziest mission battles we came up for the game.  You'll have to locate Biden Hunter in this bad, bad, bad, more bad place and help him, so he will give you access to the information on his laptop.

Kyle Rittenhouse in Washington Has Fallen Minecraft Adventure

Survive those encounters and maybe, just maybe, you'll live to tell about it.

So it is with great appreciation that we say thank you Twitter Friends, for your input.  The game would be completely different if you had picked different characters in our polls.  We don't even know how different, because we designed the final missions completely based on your choices and then had to figure out how they tied into the entire plot-line.

Thanks a bunch!

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