Washington Has Fallen Beta 2 Update - February 2023

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Beta Testing 2 Update

Beta Testing 2 for Washington Has Fallen began a few weeks ago. We've gotten about 4 hours in per week of testing. SkyThrusters has been working on some coding fixes and bugs during the week. Going forward, we will move to doing straight beta testing playthrough without any in-between fixes until the end.

Beta Test 2 Washington Has Fallen Minecraft Adventure from RGAPCREATIVE
DuneImp at Washington Has Fallen's new starting area.

We need to move faster so DuneImp is able to continue helping test through the end of Beta Test 2.  DuneImp potentially has other work they need to focus on coming up shortly, so we'll need to speed things up a little.

We're finding quite a few bugs and coding issues during the two team member testing that did not appear in the single player beta testing of the game, which is the purpose of beta testing with more than one person.

Beta Test 2 Washington Has Fallen Minecraft Adventure from RGAPCREATIVE
DuneImp placing TNT during a Mission.

Currently beta testing is a two person team of SkyThrusters and DuneImp. Later, after beta test 2 is completed and the new bugs are fixed, it will need to be tested with the maximum amount of 5 players to see how the coding holds up and what kinds of new bugs appear with more players.

Fortunately, the bugs and fixes are relatively minor right now.  They're also looking at any improvements that may need to be made to make gameplay flow better, easier for players to navigate and understand what is expected to be accomplished at each mission.  Reducing steps that make getting between missions unnecessarily long will help players stay engaged.

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