Minecraft - Abandoned House Trap Project

The Ultimate Trap For Minecraft Bedrock

The Abandoned House Trap is a project originally started by SkyThrusters in 2021.  It can be used in various kinds of configurations, but is best for capturing survival co-op play invaders who like to steal goodies from your chest or simply as what appears to be an abandoned house.

This trap consists of a self-replicating chest, that can also replicate items you want to give either as rewards or merely temptations. 

When then trap chest is triggered, the open doors and windows are suddenly blocked with an iron door and iron trap doors blocking all exit.

Once the exits are locked, an invisible mob is inserted into the enclosed trap area to battle against the player for a specific period of time, at which point the trap will reset itself and kill the mob even if the player hasn't already successfully killed it. 

This trap can be expanded with other creative features beyond the initial tutorial design, depending on your skill and knowledge of working with command blocks and codes.

I know what you are thinking, "But it's made out of wood, they can just chop the blocks and escape." right? Was that what you were thinking?  In the video I show you how to create an invisible barrier that surrounds the outside of the house and under the floor to protect the area underneath from being broken and to prevent escape. Of course you could just replace the wood for steal blocks so they can chop through them.   I originally thought about having the trap temporarily turn all the wood blocks into steal blocks while they are trapped inside, but because this is a tutorial, I just made it simple by showing you how to use Barrier Blocks.

Abandoned House Trap Example Video 

(This is a completed version for demonstration purposes)

Tutorial Video 1 of 3 (Creating the Clone Trap Chest)

Tutorial Video 2 of 2 (Creating the doors and trap doors. rotating door codes, door placements)

Tutorial Video 3 of 3 (Steps for adding a mob, making a mob invisible, switches, timers, etc.)

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RGAP Creative is making these world files available to you so you can have a real examples to look at of the coding used, the layout, and to have a better understanding of how to code your own traps, or in case you want to use this world to build your own project around.  Tutorial videos are useful, but actually being able to view the real code, see the layout, experiment with a real functional world is more helpful.

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