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Randy Dreammaker World

This is a Free Minecraft Survival World (Use allowed by Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 DEED - See information about attribution and derivative works below)


Randy Dreammaker World is a custom build for survival exploration or multiplayer survival battles. This world consists of several different regions where new exploration and building can be done, or where multiple players can battle against each other. Bridges connect some regions, other regions must be reached by boat. Regions where infrastructures have already been designed may be marked by lit towers. Some towers are for navigational purposes for easier location of regions that do not have developed paths.

Features: 777J FINAL PUBLIC Update 1/30/2024:

  • Four new areas added for exploration or player vs player: Fox Haven, Tree House Island, Waterfall Island, Cherry Blossom Village

  • All partially and moderately developed areas are now complete including several that were intended but had not been began in previous updates. Multiple new fully developed areas were added - some require use of a boat to reach and are easiest to spot at night. Several are intentionally camouflaged during the day for Player VS Player multiplayer battles. Several new areas were created on Islands.

  • Animal and Food Crops have been added at all structures to help facilitate faster Player VS Player game start ups.

  • All structures have a pre-started basic mining area near-by.

  • Vulnerable structures have some form of pre-existing basic defensive measure in place. Most common are walls. Some may be built into high elevations.

  • Structures on smaller Islands have defensive walls surrounding entire Island.

  • Some structures have been built with hidden areas where further developmentor storage can be created.

  • Located along decentralized Islands

  • Located along the ocean coast

  • Located along snow and ice biomes

  • Located along mountain biomes

  • Located along desert biomes

  • Located within forests

  • Multiple biomes are connected by bridges.

  • Players are able to achieve Minecraft task and accomplishment points within this survival world.

  • Designed without Minecraft World restrictions. This means it is possible for your custom version of this world to easily be used on official Minecraft Realms or your own Minecraft Server.


Minecraft Bedrock:
Minecraft Build Version:
Release 777J - 1.20.51 (FINAL PUBLIC RELEASE)
Release 777H - 1.20.51
Release 777B - 1.20.51
Release 777A - 1.20.50 __________________________________________

World Name: Randy Dreammaker World Created By: RGAP Creative / Randy Dreammaker Gamer Tag: SkyThrusters and SkyThrusters483


Released: 1/30/2024 VERSION: 777J


Released: 1/23/2024 VERSION: 777H

Released: 1/13/2024 VERSION: 777B

First Release: 1/6/2024 VERSION: 777A FILE SIZE: 177.5MB



World Mode: Survival Mode Able to achieve points: YES CHEATS: NO Difficulty: Normal Friendly Fire: YES FOV: 60.00 Render Distance: 10 Chunks Anti-Aliasing: 4 HUD Opacity: 100% Brightness: 67 Hide Paper Doll: YES Screen Animations: YES Shows Coordinates: YES Starting Map: YES Player Permission: Member Bonus Chest: YES World Type: Infinite Custom Seed: -321707274 Simulation Distance: 10 Chunks Fire Spreads: YES Recipes Unlock: YES Fire Spreads: YES TNT Explodes: YES Respawn Blocks Explode: NO Mob Loot: YES Natural Regeneration: YES Tile Drops: YES Immediate Respawn: NO Respawn Radius: 2


Usage Permission Being Granted To You By: RGAPCreative.com / Randy Dreammaker (C) 2024: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 DEED Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
Read license limitations on the creative commons website link: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/



(The following presents crediting attribution information required to be included with all re-distributions, sharing methods, derivative works building upon this world and and shared adaptations) Title: Randy Dreammaker World
Attribution: Created by Randy Dreammaker (C) 2024 Gamer Tag: SkyThrusters, SkyThruster483 Attribution Link: https://www.rgapcreative.com CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 DEED https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ ___________________________________________


Note: Download is a .Zip archive folder containing the Minecraft World Install File and File Notes as a .PDF file.

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