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Happy Birthday To RGAP Creative

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 It's Our Birthday, Where are the presents?

Oh snap, an Earthquake is happening as this is being written!  I was just kidding Mother Nature, you don't have to give us a birthday present, really!  Just go back to sleep.

Reports are coming in that it was a 4.6 in Malibu. Malibu is about 43 miles away and directly sits directly on the Pacific Coast.  A strange place to have an Earthquake.

On that note, today is also Chinese New Year 2024 the year of the Dragon!  Maybe the Dragon lives in a sea can in Malibu and had to move the earth to get out.

Whatever the reason, RGAP Creative "Minecraft" Studio is officially two years old, even though RGAP Creative is much older. New vision, new direction, new journey and thank you for coming along the adventure with us.

Today we applied for and were approved as a verified account on X social (Formerly Twitter) so a verified checkmark will appear next to our account name in probably a week.

RGAP Creative 2024 New Year Update 1

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It's 2024 and Here is What's New?

New for 2024 

Free Survival World

Our first free survival map world for you to download and have fun with, called Randy Dreammaker World.

This is a semi-developed world map created for those who want to play in survival mode so you can earn Minecraft experience points without having to start from scratch, and for those of you who want to engage in player vs player survival battle games with your friends and foes.

Project Updates

INVERSE - Due to pending relocation of RGAP Creative Studios, No new progress has been made since the last in 2023. INVERSE was started while Washington Has Fallen was going through it's initial beta testing, both projects are paused due to relocation.

Washington Has Fallen - went into it's final beta testing in 2023 and was forced to be paused due to other projects in April 2023. Currently RGAP Creative studios is pending relocation into late 2024. Because this particular project is such a massive Minecraft Adventure with complicated coding, and the necessity of other talented people to beta test and fix pending bugs, this project will remain on hold until after the studio is completely re-setup at the new location. Hopefully in 2024.

All Projects

Including free world downloads, project updates, and Minecraft Tutorials.

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