RGAP Creative 2024 New Year Update 1

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It's 2024 and Here is What's New?

New for 2024 

Free Survival World

Our first free survival map world for you to download and have fun with, called Randy Dreammaker World.

This is a semi-developed world map created for those who want to play in survival mode so you can earn Minecraft experience points without having to start from scratch, and for those of you who want to engage in player vs player survival battle games with your friends and foes.

Project Updates

INVERSE - Due to pending relocation of RGAP Creative Studios, No new progress has been made since the last in 2023. INVERSE was started while Washington Has Fallen was going through it's initial beta testing, both projects are paused due to relocation.

Washington Has Fallen - went into it's final beta testing in 2023 and was forced to be paused due to other projects in April 2023. Currently RGAP Creative studios is pending relocation into late 2024. Because this particular project is such a massive Minecraft Adventure with complicated coding, and the necessity of other talented people to beta test and fix pending bugs, this project will remain on hold until after the studio is completely re-setup at the new location. Hopefully in 2024.

All Projects

Including free world downloads, project updates, and Minecraft Tutorials.

Washington Has Fallen Beta 2 Update - February 2023

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Beta Testing 2 Update

Beta Testing 2 for Washington Has Fallen began a few weeks ago. We've gotten about 4 hours in per week of testing. SkyThrusters has been working on some coding fixes and bugs during the week. Going forward, we will move to doing straight beta testing playthrough without any in-between fixes until the end.

Beta Test 2 Washington Has Fallen Minecraft Adventure from RGAPCREATIVE
DuneImp at Washington Has Fallen's new starting area.

We need to move faster so DuneImp is able to continue helping test through the end of Beta Test 2.  DuneImp potentially has other work they need to focus on coming up shortly, so we'll need to speed things up a little.

We're finding quite a few bugs and coding issues during the two team member testing that did not appear in the single player beta testing of the game, which is the purpose of beta testing with more than one person.

Beta Test 2 Washington Has Fallen Minecraft Adventure from RGAPCREATIVE
DuneImp placing TNT during a Mission.

Currently beta testing is a two person team of SkyThrusters and DuneImp. Later, after beta test 2 is completed and the new bugs are fixed, it will need to be tested with the maximum amount of 5 players to see how the coding holds up and what kinds of new bugs appear with more players.

Fortunately, the bugs and fixes are relatively minor right now.  They're also looking at any improvements that may need to be made to make gameplay flow better, easier for players to navigate and understand what is expected to be accomplished at each mission.  Reducing steps that make getting between missions unnecessarily long will help players stay engaged.

Washington Has Fallen - January 2023 Update

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WHF Updates:


We're currently getting ready to enter into the second official round of Beta Testing.  DuneImp has joined the team as the lead beta tester.  They're currently going through some basic training and becoming familiarized with everything.

WEEK 1 & 2


Even though Washington Has Fallen is in the beginning of beta testing round two, with a hopefully soon to be release date, we're still adding interesting news and political events to this amazing parody Minecraft Bedrock Adventure game until we release it publicly.

We'll do this as much as possible by adding in bonus "Easter Eggs", since adding new missions would take to long and we're really excited to be able to do a full public release soon.

"Easter Eggs" in videogame's are a tradition in which secret areas, hidden areas, special prizes are built into the game for the more ambitious player to attempt to locate. Some remain hidden for years.

We'll be thinking of ways to add a few in, there are lots of possibilities.

Top Secret

Since SkyThrusters is currently doing design work on our next project INVERSE and waiting for Beta Testing round 2 to begin, he took an evening to build Joe Biden's Delaware Home into Washington Has Fallen.

Joe Biden's Delaware Home in Minecraft Bedrock by RGAP Creative for the Washington Has Fallen Adventure
Biden's Delaware home in the Minecraft Build had
limited space between two other buildings, so the profile is much smaller, but still has three floors.

This is the real Biden Delaware home, where the
Top Secret documents from when Biden was 
Vice President were discovered in his garage.

Building space was limited since SkyThrusters wanted to add it into a specific community of Washington DC, but we think he did a darn good job.  He said studied photos of the actual Biden home, but couldn't figure out where the garage is actually located, so he went ahead and just put the garage opening in the front as an attached garage.

No photos of the interior of the Biden Delaware home could be located, so he just did basic interior design that he felt fit the Biden's, including a pool in the backyard, a traditional brick BBQ and Jill Biden NPC making some food.



We placed more Easter Eggs to be discovered throughout Washington DC.  Washington will be the only area with the Easter Eggs to award the curious and ambitious with extra in game benefits. Unlike the Mission Chests within the game that have enough for up to five players, the Easter Eggs only payout to the first player who discovers the content and activates it correctly. 


We also locked down some key elements of the game to prevent those assets from being moved, mainly vehicles that are intended to remain in place. The majority of the other vehicles are intended to be usable for transportation, thanks to LIFE BOAT's built in mod package.  There is one significant area of Washington DC that the vehicles being frozen in their location makes sense for the surrounding mood and environment.  That took most of a day to accomplish.


Also worked were some lighting level improvements.  Some missions of the game take place at night in Washington DC and need enhanced to improve the visibility of highlighted areas that players need to see easier that would otherwise be to dark.  That took an all night/morning work session to complete.  There will probably be other lighting updates required that will be discovered during the next beta test session, which will hopefully happen soon.

This is an example of one of the areas that was too dark
and needed a lighting level update.


During our first beta tests back in 2020, lead beta tester BlestHeart18402 recommended adding in NPC's to act as navigational guides.  At that time there were no guides or directions to help locate missions or sites of interest. A significant amount of time was wasted running up and down the massive main world area trying to locate buildings and places using minimal signs.

The past two years, a large amount of time has gone into exploring and implementing different ways to assist players from one mission location to the next, including NPC's.  Here at the end of development it made sense to add in a lot of additional "guides" to help players figure out where they are in relationship to sights and places directly around them.  That has taken a week or more to implement.


The original world that the Washington Has Fallen Minecraft Template overlays, used a network of NPC's and raw text messages at sights of interest. We always knew from the start that one of the last things to do in WHF would be to replace those messages.  We replaced the NPC's in 2021 after an update from Minecraft broke the original NPC's that LifeBoat used for their Washington DC world.  Their NPC's existed before Minecraft Bedrock had NPC's available.  When Minecraft Bedrock was updated to include it's own native NPC system, we had to go and repair and replace all of the original NPC's that had broke.  That was actually a good thing, because ultimately it gave us full control of NPC placement and customization.  This week we are updating those internal raw text messages with content that matches the theme of the adventure. At the same time, the NPC's that work together with internal messages are getting a brand new 2022 look.
Our original NPC replacements were honestly ugly, fortunately the last update from Minecraft in 2022 also introduced a lot of new NPC skins, so we found a much nicer looking skin for those NPC's.

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